Dancescapes /
In Dancescapes I employ the formal strategy of the diptych to set up a dynamic dialogue between the vibrancy of urban spaces and the choreography of contemporary dance. By juxtaposing images
portraying the rhythm of the city with those which pause dancers in movement, I invite the viewers to examine their emotional and physical relationship to the city, to experience the excitement, isolation, speed and colours of a metropolis.
Cities are a strong source of inspiration for me. They may be the placeof daily struggle and survival but also a location of occasional comfort; cities are places where we can live anonymously; get lost, be found, find our identity and identifications in the mixture of cultural
diversities they unfold and the encounters they call upon.
Dance is for me a pure and powerful medium of expression where ideas and emotion can be manifested by the sheer presence of the body and its motion; the bodies reflected from the stage become mental and physical projections of our lives and of our ghosts; they mark our confinements, as well as our potential liberation.
Cities, and dance moreover, change continuously in time; photography by contrast encapsulates a specific moment. By the juxtaposition of two isolated fragments of an urban surrounding and of a dance segment, I try to capture an intense presence that will liberate the photo from its stillness and will manage to seize a vitality of being, of e-motion.